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Pictures also play a dominant rule in this book: there are numerous introduction-videos, one for every chapter, more than 250 high-quality pictures and – most important – all the “living” experiments and their results are visualized. With this learning system, readers can now make use of “equipment” and software, which was practically unaffordable for individuals in the past.

An introductory video (trailer) is part of every chapter in the electronic document (on CD). If you have a faster internet access, you can download these videos here.

This is not "thumbnail cinema" as usual but HD-quality. All Screencam video methods are similar to MPG 4 which essentially store only the changes come; this is  - as above - e.g. the cursor movement or the signals changing at Screencam. By this technique the data size keeps in limits.

In order to avoid problems with a lot of different video-players, a self-unpacking video player is contained in the videos (Camtasia). Unpacking happens fully automatically: double-click on the file and after some seconds the video starts.

Screencam video download


Chapter 1    The concept: methods - content - objectives


Chapter 2    Signals in the time- and frequency-domain


Chapter 3    The Uncertainty Principle


Chapter 4    Language as a carrier of information


Chapter 5    The Symmetry Principle


Chapter 6    System analysis


Chapter 7    Linear and non-linear processes


Chapter 8    Classical modulation procedures


Chapter 9    Digitalisation


Chapter 10  Digital filters


Chapter 11  Digital transmission technology: Source encoding


Chapter 12  Digital transmission technology: Channel encoding


Chapter 13  Digital transmission technology: Modulation


Chapter 14  Neural networks


Chapter 15  Komplex Systems, Entropie and self-Organisation


Chapter 16  Mathematical modelling of Signals - Processes - Systems


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