Web Design
Target groups
  • University lecturers
    • who want to use high-quality visual material, interactive simulations and graphic explanations of signalling processes for their lectures and seminars.
    • who want to visualise the role mathematics plays in signalling systems when they talk about mathematical models in their lectures.
    • who appreciate being able to design and undertake laboratory experiments and exercises almost free of charge, or have them designed by students at their PCs.
  • Students of engineering sciences at technical colleges and universities such as microelectronics, technical informatics, control-, measuring- and automation technology, information- and communications technology etc. who feel that they have lost track of the basic content of their course in the "mathematical jungle" of lectures on systems theory.
  • Students of other technical or scientific disciplines who have to deal with computer-assisted processing, analysis and representation of measuring data (signals) but who wish to avoid mathematical and programming barriers.
  • Student teachers in the above disciplines whose problem consists in translating the "theory of signals – processes – systems which is mainly formulated in mathematical terms into language consonant with the imaginative potential of school children. (simplifying and presenting in an elementary way in accordance with educational method).
  • Teachers of the above-mentioned disciplines at vocational schools and colleges who are looking for up-to-date approaches and teaching materials which they wish to use in their teaching.
  • Engineers in a given profession, whose university training took place some time ago and who as a result of deficits in maths and information science (programming languages, algorithms) have not been able up to now to deal with modern aspects of computer-based signal processing.
  • Skilled workers and technicians in the above disciplines and professions who would like to qualify further in their profession by home study.
  • Physics teachers at the secondary level who would like to demonstrate the importance of their subject for understanding modern technologies using the example of the complex "signals – processes – systems" for example, in the framework of an advanced course in "Oscillations and Waves".
  • Students in professions related to information technology or in the microelectronics – computer technology – communications technology profession who are undergoing training at vocational schools, vocational colleges and engineering polytechnics.
  • Those who are interested in a popular presentation of science in order to obtain a lively overview of this highly topical field.
  • Students who have not yet decided on a profession or course of study at a university and who would like to inform themselves about this discipline but who up to now had no access to this field as a result of the mathematical bias.
  • Firms which work in the field of measurement, control and automation technology and who are interested in in-house training and further education.
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